Undergraduate dating a graduate student

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They require motivation, independent thinking, self-assessment, target setting, energy and focus to finish complex and difficult tasks that employers value.

Once explained to your would-be employer, your skill set from a research-based degree will be very persuasive.

After four months I progressed from trainee to account manager and a year later was promoted to senior account manager, where I now work to develop existing relationships, generate business and manage recruitment.

The skills acquired during my time at university are invaluable in my work.

However, the increase in graduates also means fewer employers are willing to look at applicants without a degree. Cynics say the boom in firsts is fuelling fears that the university honours system as been devalued by “grade inflation”.

Others say that a rise in firsts should be seen as a good thing – a sign that universities are doing their job well.

This means the choice of degree subject and the university are much more important now if students want a decent graduate job.

Choose a degree programme that will develop employability skills as well as giving you subject knowledge and choose a university that has a good reputation with employers.

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Employers demand skills and often work experience as well.

Recruiters recognise the extra value that a graduate brings to an organisation, such as motivation and commitment, time management, intellectual acumen, flexibility and of course, future potential.

In addition to academic success, it is important graduates use their time at university productively, making the most of the extra-curricular opportunities available, in order to stand out from the competition and secure their perfect job.

Andy Powell, CEO of Edge, an educational foundation dedicated to raising the profile of vocational and practical learning Far too often, academic achievement is seen as the only route to securing a good job; the truth is that there is a wide variety of routes to great careers.

From mechanical engineering to design, many careers can be entered via apprenticeships, qualifications from further education colleges or good training schemes in the workplace.

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