Teen sex hookups in vegas

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THE BUYING AND SELLING of minors for the sexual gratification of adults has deep roots in Las Vegas, which has become the capital of prostitution in North America.From the nineteenth century on, the mining towns dotting the Nevada landscape were tolerant of prostitution, which was considered unavoidable, if not necessary, in communities populated mainly by fortune-seeking bachelors.They weren’t sure at first, but they knew that any serious effort to take on the problem would involve risks.

When she was busted by the vice section of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Hannah called Kobe, not her mother. Andrea Swanson discovered what had happened to her daughter only when she was notified by Vice Detective Chris Baughman.

After posting Hannah’s bail, Andrea got a crash course in how the Las Vegas sex industry works.

She discovered that the calluses on her daughter’s feet were from walking the streets of Boulder Highway, the Strip, and Tropicana off the Strip.

Others, though, began to pay close attention, including the city’s religious communities.

Nevadans for the Common Good began a careful study of the cash flows and power relationships that sustain the trafficking of minors.

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