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Mesolithic flints have also been recovered from the Cherry Orchard Estate as well as from sites to the west of Great Gonerby To the north-east of the town centre a Bronze Age bucket and urn cemetery, with cremation burials and ploughed-out barrows, has been recorded.

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The place name element grand could possibly mean "gravel".

Grantham is notable as being the first place in the world after London to recruit and train women police officers.

Grantham was the first provincial force to ask the newly formed Corps of Women's Police Volunteers to supply them with occasional policewomen, recognising them as particularly useful for dealing with women and juveniles.

In 1363 "The Castles, Manors and towns of Stamford and Grantham" were granted to Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, and fifth son of Edward III of England.

The question has been raised as to whether Grantham House was the site of a castle, however, no such site has been reliably identified.

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