Ryan whitney dating

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Whit and Dave also get into a heated disagreement about pizza which dissolves into name-calling.Zah has been working at Barstool for 5 months and never told anybody that he's seen aliens. Zah details his firsthand experience of the historically documented "Ariel School UFO sighting" when he was 5-years-old.We look back on one of Dave's favorite Barstool videos ever, 'Barstool Sports is a pirate."Noah Syndergaard has deleted all his old Instagram photos of his ex-girlfriend, which means he's back in the running as NYC's most eligible athlete, along with Giancarlo Stanton and Kristaps Porzingis.Dave believes that he and Kristaps have similar chances at picking up hot chicks because nobody wants to date a goofy-looking 7'3 Latvian dude.

The Jaguars are for real and the Packers are dead, we think ( - ). Former Chicago Bear and Future Hall of Famer Devin Hester joins the show to talk about his retirement, his favorite kick return, the Quarterback he liked the most, and whether or not he dreams in punt returns(1 ...…Holiday cheer is here and we're pumped about all the NFL Playoff scenarios.Judd Apatow appears as a guest on the show for the second time.Brendan Schaub calls in to give his expert MMA opinion on Hank vs. Dave calls in the day of the fight from a West Virginia Chick-Fil-A to give an update on how things are going, and tell a story about going to the strip club the night before. Dave calls in live from a Chick-fil-A in West Virginia.Big Cat and Ria admit that they are a little nervous at the prospect of Hank losing to Tex in Rn R, and Tex tries to fight Big Cat in the studio.15-Year-Old Steve also came in to hangout with us for his 16th birthday, but he'll always be 15 in our hearts.

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