Olesya rulin dating

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Casey and Cappie dated in their freshman year but Cappie’s partying ways conflicted with the more ambitious Casey. Cappie never recovered from losing Casey and as a result he was unable to maintain any serious relationship afterwards.The two start to reconnect when Cappie takes Rusty on as his little brother.Over time, the siblings become closer with Casey guiding Rusty through the inner workings of the Greek world.Casey grows more selfless and courageous, often sticking her neck out for the sorority or for one of her sisters in need.Though Evan and Cappie attempted an alliance, house loyalties proved too much for Evan to overcome.He however maintains a tentative friendship with his ex-girlfriend Casey and has a strong advocate in Calvin. However, during the fourth season Rebecca and he break up when she feels he is pulling away from her.

Though she desires to be with Cappie, Casey chooses her future and loses Cappie in the process.“Cappie” is actually a nickname and his real name is "Captain John Paul Jones" which was finally revealed during the last five minutes of the series finale.His carefree and fun loving personality hides a very sharp mind.Along the way, Casey and Cappie reconcile but history repeats itself and they split up once again.Cappie and Casey later decide to give their relationship another try.

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