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"Well," Lup chuckles, hand in hand with her floating boyfriend.

It is written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and narrated by Cecil Baldwin.

Kravitz turned his head a bit to the side to see that what he had assumed were studs turned out to be tiny golden skulls, tiny raven skulls even.

Kravitz's cold, dead heart was touched."hey," Barry said as Taako and Lup bickered joyfully.

Besides, you know we're , like, technically aliens , right?

" Taako barreled through his boyfriend's confusion with all the ferocity and single minded stubbornness of a careening Battle Wagon determined to go until it rammed comprehension into the recipient's skull."Like we came from an entirely different planar system altogether.

"you're liches""Yeah," Lup said, sort of subdued, four feet away from him.

Not only should we be exempt from the books, but we did just save this and, retroactively, every other planar system we've ever visited from being eaten by the Hunger.

So like, Raven Queen should be rolling out the red carpet and throwing free bottles of classy champagne our way, you feel me." Lup and Barry did their best not to laugh out loud as Taako strayed further and further away from the point until he was gesturing wildly with his free hand as he complained.

When Kravitz turned to look at him more directly, Barry extended his hand.

"Welcome to the family.""Thanks." Kravitz shook his hand with a smile."Look, bro.

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