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So I surprised myself — and it was a good surprise!

When Laura walked into the room, she brought great energy with her.

I’m from Italy originally but have lived in the UK since 2005, first for my Ph D and then for work. I married an Englishman at 34, after family pressure to ‘settle down’, but we divorced in 2011.

I’ve had a few relationships, but have been single for a few years.

Neither of us was focused on looks because we weren’t each other’s usual type, and so it all fell on personality.

This is by far the best date I’ve been on, maybe because I had no expectations.

It’s a kind of strength without a temper, but with a backbone —she likes what she likes and is not afraid to say so. She was radiant, smiley and attractive, and she seemed happy to be on the date, so that was really welcoming.

I have a good career as a physicist, I’m solvent, have lovely friends and am generally happy with myself.

So I would rather stay single than take on someone who’s going to be hard work.

There was definitely chemistry and I fancied her right from the start.

She’s attractive, tall and the fact that we had so much to talk and laugh about was sexy. The night ran away with us and we both missed our trains, we were so busy just chatting and walking along looking at the river, wanting to extend the evening.

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