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Since the site is still in beta, they are not releasing users stats.

But as an indication of Is This Fate’s reach, **he’s received thousands of reader requests for cross-cultural dating advice**, everything from Chinese girls wanting to know how to break the ice with foreigners to foreigners wanting to know if it’s normal to meet the parents after the second date.

But as the media continue to hype up Chinese economy growth rates, glimpses of an agency like this point to a society with cultural values that lag far behind.

The time it takes to raise up a new crop of billionaires is nowhere near long enough to transform societal attitudes towards women and marriage.

Don't go outside too much." For the next thirty minutes, Wang in her thick Beijing accent, grilled me on my parents' occupation, interests, ideas about love, previous relationships, education, career objectives and the reason for my singledom. She'd call if any men were interested in meeting me, but there weren't any guarantees for my prince charming.

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She hushed, "Because we have such high standards for the men on our dating site, we have to be very selective about who we bring in." I'd first have to pass an audition and show documentation about myself--things like passports, university transcripts, even proof of hobbies like my piano certification and scuba-diving license. Being Chinese, I've felt that I had a good color going on naturally so there was never any real need to.

“It’s the norm here,” Is This Fate project manager Ben Sangree tells me. The idea of meeting a romantic partner online is a natural extension.

One interesting thing is **the role the entire family will play in urging people to sign up for online dating**.

The sex ratio imbalance from the Chinese government's draconian one-child policy has left many men without wives.

The current male to female birth ratio stands at 114 males to every 100 females.

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